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contact post [24 Dec 2033|04:57pm]
yeti gnomeskull#5385 | dropbox or robot.brigade
Jessi. 34. She/her. RPing since 2000. EST.
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[22 Aug 2018|07:14pm]
rp info )
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[19 Mar 2017|12:35am]
I removed some people because I don't talk to them anymore/recognize their names. If you want to stay friends, just let me know and I'll add you back. If you want out, NOW IS THE TIME! RUN! RUN FAR AWAY!
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[11 Feb 2017|12:00am]
Check out [info]boldlygomod
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[01 Aug 2016|06:32pm]
[info]abominable --> [info]yeti

aw it deleted the other one? :/ aw oh well
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[11 Jul 2016|06:17pm]
game ad! )
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[18 Jun 2015|12:57am]
you're all wonderful
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[11 May 2015|05:28pm]
i'm sorry i haven't been around for a few days, i've been mentally and physically sick.

please continue to love me.
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[20 Apr 2015|02:31pm]
i'm sorry for my outburst
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[22 Feb 2014|08:28pm]
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[10 Dec 2013|09:13pm]
snaps, if you wanna.

I feel like I'm too clingy and then I attempt to be less clingy so I get all standoffish. IDK, I've been playing video games a lot lately.

My sister got Animal Crossing so I kind of got back into that. I finished A Link Between Worlds in the time I had it for a rental. That's the fastest I've finished a Zelda game! Then I started to play Papers, Please and it's fucking amazing/weird.
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